Breaking news smells like bagels and coffee. 

  1. Aperture: f/2.4
  2. Exposure: 1/20th
  3. Focal Length: 4mm


Summer Journalism Institute at UF
Great Summer! Brings back the memories!
UFSJI 2014

Shirky answered: “I was speechless for a moment, then exploded, telling her that print was in terminal decline and that everyone in the class needed to understand this if they were thinking of journalism as a major or a profession….This was a room full of people who would rather lick asphalt than subscribe to a paper publication; what on earth would make them think print was anything other than a wasting asset?”


"My parents are actually pushing me away from journalism because they say it’s a dying career."
“What do you tell them when they say that?”
“It’s what I love and what I’ll stick with.”

I love both this post and the blogger who writes Humans of Journalism. Of course, I am biased because she did an installment on my tattoo.

I know, you were just wondering, what was Wayne up to this week? Here is a student blog that aggregated info from UF’s Summer Journalism Institute. I had the pleasure of being on faculty for the third year this week. Amazing students.


Can you figure out what this recording of nonsense says? How about now?

Mind blown!

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Great data visualization of tough times in USA, county by county. 


Here’s our very own version of Iggy’s “Fancy”. Thanks to everyone who helped. You guys rule!

See you later, Journalists!

Solid work by some of our fave SJI’ers, the West Broward crew. They bring the heat every time. via @jhump96


Being caught between having to choose a video storytelling class and a blogging class was quite a challenge for me. I’m really glad I took this class. Far from teaching how to write, Garcia managed to capture the business side of blogging flawlessly. He suggested that every high school student…