"A simple rule for linking might be this: if a claim or fact was gathered and verified online, it should be supported by a link."
"One important way to build trust in reporting is to show the audience the sources it relies upon," writes Craig Silverman. He shares several ways to do this in Show the reporting and sources that support your work. (via onaissues)
"My brother, in almost every conversation we’ve ever had about work, he’s always said to me, “You have to be humble.” I mean, the job of a reporter is kind of omnidirectional self-abasement, right? You’re going to experts who know more than you about the thing in its kind of structural terms. You’re going to people who are being affected by it in ways that you aren’t, so they know more about how it feels and how it’s working in a way, and certainly their lives, than you do. You’re going to an editor who has a better sense than you do for story structure and how things need to be if they’re going to work. You’re going to readers who ultimately are the judge of your success. I mean it’s a funny position in that way, because you really need to be able to learn from all kinds of different people."
Ezra Klein, Editor in Chief of Vox.com in Esquire’s The Mentorship Project, a series of fifty interviews with men about the mentors who made them who they are today. (via futurejournalismproject)


Scraping, mapping, and grabbing (from APIs).  These are the three skills I recommend tech-inclined journalists to learn.  

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Adding trend lines to charts in Google Sheets

With Google Sheets, you can store data and visualize it with great looking charts, but you haven’t really been able to quickly identify trends in that data.

That changed this week when Google finally introduced trend lines to charts in Google Sheets. Trend lines are really easy to add to a chart and there are plenty of customization options available.

You can apply a linear or exponential trend line, change the color and adjust the thickness and opacity. As a bonus update, Google has also added the ability to copy / paste charts inside of Google Sheets.

You can copy / paste from one sheet or spreadsheet to another, but the data will only be updated if it is in the same spreadsheet.

Otherwise your chart will only reflect the data as it was originally copied.


I’ve interviewed suspected serial killers. I’ve interviewed suspected terrorists. I’ve interviewed people who went to prison for killing men. I’ve interviewed a bunch of scary people, but [Nick] Saban made me nervous.

The AD said, you have 30 minutes. I can’t even collect my thoughts in 30 minutes. He’s not quite as terrifying as I’d been led to believe. But there’s a point where he looks at you with them drill-bit eyes. In your head, every question sounds stupid as it comes out of your mouth. I’ve seen very few people who could make you feel that way.